A culinary time travel through the Viennese cuisine

Wiener kueche

We talk about Viennese cuisine these days – but which dishes are really of Viennese origin? What epicurean delights does the Danube metropolis have to offer?

Viennese cuisine refers to many dishes that originated not in Vienna, but in many parts of the former monarchy.

The question of all questions usually always begins, “Why are there so many goodies in this cosmopolitan city?” A dignified answer is not always easy to formulate. It is best to start with a brief historical outline of the former crown lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and their neighbors and later allies.

Many of today’s typical Viennese dishes have a completely different “ancestry“. The famous “Wiener Schnitzel” is said to come from Italy. The apple strudel was made in Turkey

“invented.” The “bean soup” is of Serbian origin . The “Powidltascherl” belong to the

Bohemian national dishes” to mention just a few.

It is fair to say that Viennese cuisine and its epicurean treasures have a very international character, as befits a European metropolis that once was and still is a melting pot of many peoples .

The famous dishes of the Danube metropolis, which every Viennese and Vienna lover knows, are partly also known far beyond the city limits. Let’s start with the roast pork.

The typical festive dish of past eras: The roast pork, the “Bratl”, served with cabbage and dumplings . This dish certainly did not originate in the Danube metropolis, because in the Czech Republic and in Bavaria this dish is also a fixed component of the respective national menus.

But in Vienna “das Bratl” has experienced a special quality. In the preparation, usually the shoulder of the pig, the mop or even the belly of the animal is processed. It is seasoned with garlic and cumin during frying , which gives the meat its incomparable flavor. Gourmets especially appreciate the crispy “Schwartl” on which lovers of this meal feast.

A warm coleslaw and napkin dumplings round out the quickly satisfying taste experience. In times of calorie-conscious nutrition, this main dish in Vienna is now only appreciated by downright gourmets.

Time Travel Tip: You can usually find a pork roast on every menu in most restaurants. The pork knuckle (Stelze) tastes best in the Schweizerhaus in the Prater.

More info: schweizerhaus.at

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