Sensual adventures with Master Beethoven


Ludwig von Beethoven, as most people know, was a very famous composer who lived here in Vienna. But he also had another side, that of a womanizer. So it came to an incident with a only 16 – year old which he himself reported to the police. But what really happened at that piano lesson with Count Mangold’s daughter?

The power as well as the deep musicality of his world-famous works testify to great inner strength, depth of character and an almost untamed temperament . Again and again the genius accepted commissions from noblemen, for their sons and daughters, who did not always have a talent for subtle piano playing.

Count Mangold’s daughter was someone without hearing and tact. She pounded the wrong notes onto the innocent keys and Beethoven’s already extremely sensitive hearing suffered agony in the ordeal. The composer spent much of each piano lesson in an adjoining room. He simply could not bear this misery of sounds any longer.

Beethoven decided to convince his employer of the nonsense of any further piano lessons with his daughter. The atonal playing stopped abruptly. The musician listened for some time and then entered the room to check on his student. When he opened the door, he remained rooted to the spot. The girl stood stark naked before him, just as God created her. He covered his eyes briefly, then addressed the young lady in a rising voice: “Have you gone mad? What are you doing?”

The prevented pianist apparently had other preferences. Her flawless body, rather boyish, a small firm breasts, a soft white skin. Actually, it was exactly the type of woman that corresponded to Beethoven’s preferences . But in this compromising situation, the “helm of morality” held firmly in his hand. The 34-year-old instructed the girl to get dressed immediately

He quickly leaves his apartment in Mölkerbastei and rushes to the nearest police station to report the incident. Officials are skeptical of his comments. After all, he had already attracted attention with his quick-tempered nature. He had an argument with the janitor of his place. Her son had forced Beethoven to pull him by the ears when he screamed loudly and persistently during his composition work. This woman sat with a friend in the anteroom of the office to testify as a witness to her perceptions of a theft. “What’s the Beethoven doing here?” She was curious, knew one of the policemen and learned that he had come to see her on his own initiative because of a story with a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

One of the most famous composers of the Viennese classical period thus had regular dealings with the Viennese security authorities, as he was described in some life situations as unrestrained, affective and raving. Another personal problem of the artist was the fact that he was unable to establish a stable relationship with a woman that would have led to marriage.

Many women admired the musician , loved him, but none of the mostly noble ladies could decide to marry him. Ludwig van Beethoven had a very intimate relationship with Countess Therese von Brunswick . The musician and creator of outstanding works in the history of world music, who was famous during his lifetime, was accused of many things: He was a child molester and girl seducer.

One of his most intimate relationships was with Comtesse Julie of Guicciardi, which also did not lead to the port of marriage because of the difference in status. The noblewoman later married Count von


Gallenberg, but remained on friendly terms with Beethoven and, as an affair that almost became public showed, even more intimately:

On a balmy evening, a carriage bumps along the dusty streets of the suburb of Wieden. In it, an uncle of Count Gallenberg and his cousin Comtesse Julie drive to their estate. The horses spook, the vehicle goes off the trail and gets caught in the brush. Fortunately, nothing happens, the passengers get off and stroll a little in the adjacent forest. The coachman would call them as soon as the ride continued. The two blue-blooded gentlemen approach a clearing and cannot believe their eyes. Lying there on a blanket Ludwig van Beethoven and the newly married Julie von Guicciardi in love in the grass

The composer was accused of adultery and this affair came to the attention of Emperor Franz I, who was sympathetic to him. Ludwig van Beethoven was very popular in his time. The emperor knew this and made the act officially disappear. The affair was slowly forgotten. Franz I instructed his aide-de-camp to gently convey to the musician any affairs with ladies outside of Vienna.

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You can learn more about Beethoven’s life and work in Vienna at the following locations: Vienna Museum Beethoven Pasqualatihaus, Beethoven Museum Heiligenstadt.

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