Internationalster Flugplatz der Erde

On 23rd June 1912, the Aspern airfield was opened with a mass start, followed by a 7-day international flight meeting. Participants from Switzerland,...

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500.000 Besucher im Time Travel Vienna

The Emperor Franz Joseph was here to surprise the special guest. Gabriele Freiberg was pleased about 2 free tickets and a bottle of champagne.

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Fest im Prater

On the 18th October 1814 during the Vienna Congress the greatest event was held in the Vienna Prater. In commemoration of the Battle of Nations at...

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Wie Floridsdorf zu Wien kam

Vienna was the capital of the "Crownland Austria below the Enns". In the regulation of the Danube only the city-side bank had been installed. The...

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Schlagbrücke, Stadt an der Donau

City on the Danube

Until the late Middle Ages, the Danube flowed along a line. This was highlighted by the current Liechtensteinstraße and the Salzgrieß. By wooden...

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Spezialführungen für LehrerInnen

To get to know Time Travel, teachers can vistit Time Travel for free every Tuesday at 17:00. The meeting point is the group space of Time Travel. That...

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Eduard Strauß

Eduard Strauß was the youngest son of the Waltz King Johann Strauss and his first wife, Anna. At the time of his birth in 1835 his father was already...

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Damhirschjagd im Wiener Prater

250 years ago Emperor Joseph II. opened the hunting ground of the court to the public. The relatively pristine lowland forest on islands in the Danube...

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Wiener Prater

In 1592 Emperor Rudolf II. enacted the disposal that no one should go, drive, ride, rush, hunt or fish in the Prater, unless the imperial forest...

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Audioguides im Time Travel Vienna

New for international visitors: full translation with audio guides. Since 01.12.2015 the entire tour is fully-translated by a new audio guide system...

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