Vienna - the capital of classical music

Why was and is Vienna considered the capital of classical music? Who was significantly involved? When was Vienna in its musical heyday? Which composers lived in Vienna at that time?

The foundations for the positioning of Vienna as a center of classical music were created by the Habsburgs. Art was particularly promoted at the Viennese court and important composers were invited to come to Vienna.

Since the Habsburgs also controlled large parts of Europe, they understood themselves as carriers and supporters of European art and culture. Music served as a representation, as an expression of the power and splendor of the imperial court.

Some Habsburg emperors were even composers themselves, e.g. Leopold I and his son Joseph I. Maria Theresia, the granddaughter of Leopold I, also appeared as a singer at court and her son, Joseph II was a great opera fan.

As a center of Vienna's musical heyday, the period of Viennese Classicism in the 18th century can be considered. The main period was between 1780 and 1830. Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn can be regarded as classical representatives or founders.

All three composers were not born in Vienna, but after the art was particularly promoted at the Viennese court, everyone moved there. What was new about the Viennese Classic? The composition was done in a simpler way, according to a certain scheme.

A certain theme permeated the whole piece and was modified again and again. Sonatas and symphonies were reinterpreted and changed. The new string quartet was added. All four string quartets are equal, two violins, a viola and a violonello. Typical works of Viennese classical music are also concerts and symphonies ..

Subsequent composers like Schubert, Brahms or Mahler did not find it easy to compete with the ideals of Viennese classical music.

Nowadays, Vienna is also internationally known by the Vienna Philharmonic, the Musikverein with the New Year's Concert, the State Opera and is rightly considered the center of European music.

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