NEW: Virtual Reality Ride in the Waltz Hall

Follow the course of Viennese music history with the latest technology.

Immerse yourself with VR glasses into the virtual reality of the great music geniuses from Mozart to Falco.


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From beginning of March 2019, Time Travel is pleased to present a new highlight - a Virtual Reality Ride about the music city of Vienna.

Following the latest market trends in virtual reality, Time Travel uses state-of-the-art technology to set new standards in making history alive. The visitor dives into the history of Viennese music with VR glasses. These provide an immersive 360 ° space experience.

The monk Rupert comes to life and takes the guests on a virtual journey through musical Vienna. He transforms into Mozart, Beethoven and reappears as "Rock me Amadeus" - Falco.

A medley of classical music, accompanied by waltz couples, typical “Heurigen” songs and modern pop music awaits the visitors.

A team of international experts implemented the concept and there were film shootings involved at a Wiener Heurigen (typical wine tavern).

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