Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie becomes the Empress of Austria

When and where did the wedding of Elisabeth (Sisi) of Bavaria to her cousin Emperor Franz Joseph I take place? Where did the two spend their honeymoon and why was it a pretty lonely honeymoon for Sisi?


It was the fairytale wedding of the 19th century. On the 24th of April, 1854 Elisabeth from Bavaria and Emperor Franz Joseph I. got married in the Viennese Augustiner church.The drive from Schönbrunn to the Hofburg to the Augustinerchurch was a demonstration of affection. Everyone admired the graceful but childishly timid bride.

How beautiful she was in her dress – “a dream of white”. The dress made of heavy, pure silk, richly interwoven with silver and gold. Over it a gold-embroidered throw, which ended in a long train.

She tenderly said yes after passing through the ranks of princes, bishops, diplomats and ministers. The young Sisi is said to have wept afterwards because of exhaustion and all the protocol procedures she had to undergo.

The honeymoon was spent by the newlywed couple in Laxenburg Palace, near Vienna. This was the family's annual tradition of spending the spring stay there.

But the young marital bliss was overshadowed by a diplomatic-political crisis. Emperor Franz Joseph was indispensable in the Hofburg. So he drove daily from Laxenburg to Vienna to handle his governmental affairs.

The young Sisi remained alone in Laxenburg and cried a lot. She began to write poetry, expressing her sadness and loneliness. She was constantly monitored by her mother-in-law, who took great care to ensure that the inexperienced young Empress learned and maintained the strict court ceremonial.

Elizabeth later about her marriage: "The marriage is an absurd thing. When you're a fifteen-year-old, you're sold and you make a vow you can not understand and then regret for 30 years or more and can not get out of it”, quoted from: Hamann, Brigitte: Elisabeth. Empress against Will, Munich 1981, p. 85


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