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Experience the magic of the Time Ride, the award-winning 5D attraction (Animago Award), with which you will quickly fly 2.000 years back into the past and become yourself part of history through breath-taking 3D and special effects. Travel to medieval Vienna during the time of the plague and take part in the Turkish Siege of 1683.

Skyline Wien

Vindobona in the Roman Empire

15 BC - around 400 AD

At Time Travel you will accompany a patrol through the Roman camp and experience live the cremation of the great field commander Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the year 180 AD. Vienna becomes part of the Roman Empire in 15 BC as the Romans reach the Danube River. The settlement is subsequently adapted as a military camp that bears the name Vindobona.

The Plague in 1679

Time Travel takes you on a foray through the plague-infested town. But please beware of the rats! In 1679, Vienna is struck by the plague that kills large parts of the population. The Pestsäule (Plague Column) at Graben is today a reminder of the so-called “Black Death”. The street musician Augustin became famous during the plague. One day he is heavily drunk and falls into an open grave for plague victims outside the city and is only pulled out again the next morning, while singing!

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Explore the gigantic construction site at Time Travel Vienna and fly with the pigeons up to the top of Europe’s highest tower at that time. The first parts of St. Stephen’s Cathedral were built in 1137 and were originally located outside the city. The cathedral is continually expanded over a period of three centuries and today it is one of Vienna’s landmarks.

Turkish Sieges in 1529 & 1683

Join Time Travel and experience the attack by the Turkish army directly on the city walls! Although the Turks already failed in their siege in 1529, they are standing a second time before Vienna in 1683. Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa besieges the city with 200,000 men, and attempts to penetrate with the aid of tunnels and to blow up the city wall with mines.

The Viennese Coffeehouse 1685 until today

Visit a traditional Viennese Coffeehouse at Time Travel! After the Turkish forces fled their camp, bags with small, brown coffee beans are discovered in the tents they left behind. Shortly thereafter, in 1685, an Armenian merchant by the name of Johannes Diodato opens the first Viennese coffeehouse. An Austrian coffee specialty is the "Melange" with milk and a milk froth topping.

Skyline Wien
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